Erda + Erden Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

January is a great time of year for Wedding Photography and Erda & Erden’s wedding proved to be a wonderful way to start 2017.

There is nothing more wonderful than collaborating with a couple to create images that stand the test of time and passed on to future generations. Wedding photography is not only about capturing life events but also collaborating with the couple to create images that are fun, relaxed and reflective of who they are as well as the things they like to do.

From the moment I met Erda and Erden to discuss their Wedding Photography I could see that they were one of those couples who trusted me as a photographer to suggest locations that they would like. They were wonderful to work with and between the video of the day and the still photographs I really believe we have captured a great day. Weddings are one of those occasions where family are brought together from all parts of the world to celebrate the forming of a new family unity and very much looking to the future.

We were blessed with great locations which were a mix of the lush greenery of Footscray Park followed by the industrial urban banks of the Maribyrnong river in Melbourne’s inner West. It was a great mix of the environments and opportunities. I love a wedding that combines tradition with the contemporary Erda and Erden’s wedding certainly fulfilled this. The day was filled with touches of tradition, dancing and a bridal party who were a lot of fun and great to work with. Hey, it’s not everyday you have a bridal party who will pretty much agree to anything but then decide to randomly throw in a little bit of ‘dabbing’!

Enjoy the photographs it really was a celebration of a fantastic day!

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