Gemma & Aaron

Right from the beginning when we were researching for a photographer we came across Mark on the internet. The first thing that captured us to his business was a photo he had of a married couple in front of a tram in Melbourne. We thought that was so unique (even though we didn’t have our wedding in Melbourne) Within 30 mins after requesting a quote Mark rang and had a quick discussion about our requirements etc and booked us in to come and see him and at that point we felt really comfortable with him as he took the time to get to know us and we thought it was quite exciting to go with a photographer who hadn’t done a wedding in Geelong before as we would be the first and he would have fresh eyes to look at locations along the waterfront for pictures on the day. During our wedding day when he came to our apartments, he was professional right from the word go, was never pushy let us do our thing and when it was time for a certain pic he would let us know. During the whole ceremony/ reception we didn’t even know he was there, never in our face and captured great moments for us that we are going to treasure for the rest of our lives. I would soooooo recommend Mark to anyone if its for your wedding or just for a special occasion, you will get the best service for your day and wont be disappointed. We will definitely be using Mark again if the time comes for us to have a family of our own 🙂 – gemma & aaron

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