Random acts of photography

Images can develop a life of their own and never quite find a a place to call home. It may be because these shots are sometimes out takes when you are on a job or are shot when you are having a bit of play with an idea and you discover months later when you are looking through your hard drive that you probably should have explored the idea a bit more. Anyway, it helps to keep me fresh and these shots end up be standalone images.

I like to call these babies my ‘Random acts of Photography‘ They don’t share any particular theme and in some respects are homeless as such I do feel the Travel section of my site is the best place to find them – so I invite you to check in from time to time. You never know what surprises you may find here!.Travelscene window_010

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Kite Surfer St Kilda Melbourne_021-ME Mitchell St_008 01272013MA_0026 ©AvellinoM_11172014MA-1 White Night_020Dramatic Geyser springs at Te Puia, Rotorua, New Zealand. 04152013MA_0009Food Fest_4156Port Melb v Melb Victory Youth team